Closing and Possession

The closing is a critical part of the home selling process.  At the closing, your home will legally be transferred to the buyer. 

Receiving Offers

The offer tells you the price the buyer is willing to pay and under what conditions. Consult with an attorney to assist you in reviewing the offer.

Showing your Home

It is vital in the home selling process to have your home looking its best when an REALTOR® shows it to potential buyers.

Preparing your Home

Your REALTOR® should help spot the little things buyers will notice - things they might otherwise use to try to negotiate a lower price.

Six Critical Factors of a Sale

While your REALTOR® will handle the details and legwork of the home selling process, you may find it helpful to review the Six Critical Factors of a Sale

Selling Your Home

To sell your home, you’ll need more than just ads and signs.  You’ll need an experienced REALTOR® you’ll should receive top-notch, priority service.

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