Closing is the culmination of the offering/buying process.  If you haven’t yet met the seller, you are likely to at closing.  If you wish, hire a real estate lawyer to represent you at closing.  The attorney fee will be paid separately by you.  Now is the last time you will be able to review all the documents before signing and assuming ownership of your new home. (click below)


Making an Offer

In real estate, oral contracts are not legally binding.  If you wish to bid on a property, you must make a formal, written offer or proposal.

Your REALTOR® should be experienced with the offer/counter-offer process, and will know which of a variety of standard proposal forms are suitable for your area.  Once written, your REALTOR® will present your offer to the seller or seller’s agent.  We have provided the basic information needed during this critical phase here. (click below)


Securing Financing

No matter where or how you finance your home, the information we’ve gathered will help explain the basic process of getting a mortgage.  First-time buyers should click here for helpful information. (click below)


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DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for general awareness only and is not intended for the purpose of providing legal, accounting, tax advice or consulting of any kind.  Please consult with a professional in their respective expertise for complete details.