Generally referred to as a Permanent Change of Station or PCS, military relocation to a new Duty Station generally occurs about every 2-4 years, depending on a person’s military status and career.  Because of our strategic military location, most of Guam’s REALTORS® have experience with military relocation, and stand ready to help you as you change assignments.

Whether your PCS occurs stateside or overseas, you should make your decisions early on matters such as:

  • Should I live on base or off base?
  • Is buying or renting near the base the best option?
  • Will I or my family be a good fit for the military housing?
  • Does the civilian community welcome military families?
  • What about schools, church, a job for my spouse?

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DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for general awareness only and is not intended for the purpose of providing legal, accounting, tax advice or consulting of any kind.  Please consult with a professional in their respective expertise for complete details.