Your Home Inspection will help you understand whether a home’s sale price is a true indicator of its worth, at least from the standpoint of structural soundness.  It takes much of the guesswork out of the purchase, protecting both buyer and seller.  While most Home Inspections fail to turn up any major property defects, there are a few things any new real estate purchaser should watch out for.

According to the Real Estate Inspection Association, some of the most common major defects discovered during home inspections are:

  • Roofing defects due to aging, wear, or improper installation.
  • Ceiling stains indicating past or present roof leaks.
  • Electrical hazards.
  • Rotted wood on the exterior or around plumbing.
  • Building code violations.
  • Fire hazards.
  • Improper gas system/gas water heater installation.

Very few home inspections result in a completely positive report.  Over time, wear and tear often create the need for some kind of repair.  If any element of a home fails inspection, it doesn’t mean that the home itself is “bad”, but that some aspect of it needs correction.

Typically, sellers will agree to make major repairs prior to sale.  Just as often, seller will buy a home with full knowledge of minor flaws, and make the repairs later, either as needed, or as part of a more expansive renovation.


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DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for general awareness only and is not intended for the purpose of providing legal, accounting, tax advice or consulting of any kind.  Please consult with a professional in their respective expertise for complete details.